Formula for success

Catamaran stitched with AFS!

It is our goal to not just consolidate but in fact build upon our competitive advantage in the embroidery industry. We are confident in achieving this through our constant development of new products, technologies and continuous improvements of our existing product range.



AFS conquers the market

With AFS (Automatic Frame System) MADEIRA remains focused on it's ambition to revolutionize the embroidery industry and comitment to perfection.

AFS is an automatic and independently working frame system, which is flexible and easy to use. It will dramatically change and influence the future of embroidery production.

In the future MADEIRA will look to strengthen its leading position and fully support its customers with know-how and innovation.

For MADEIRA the basis of a successful teamwork is a good working atmosphere.

We communicate in an open and fair way no matter of social affiliation or religion.

Integrity, respect and teamwork towards our colleagues is very important for MADEIRA.

MADEIRA sets a high value on a fair and constructive feedback between colleagues. 

MADEIRA and its employees also want to reflect this behavior to our customers and expect the same from its business partners.