Quality demand

Embroidery design filling out the maximum of the PreFrame

Customer satisfaction is MADEIRA’s highest priority, this is achieved by continual improvement and technical advancement of its products and services. 


AFS - tested quality!

Each AFS is meticulously  tested by our engineers on long test-runs before being dispatched. This guarantees AFS to be delivered in perfect working order and in exellent condition.


Our products can be boiled!

The PreFrames are particularly suitable for the production of workwear garments. We guarantee that they can be washed in at least 60 industrial washing cycles - but only if the material can be washed the same amount of times!

Whether it is the seam quality or the fixing onto the fabric - the embroidery remains brilliant.

Especially with the new blanks, the self-adhesive E-ZEE PreFrame AH-Type when combined with the threads of Madeira,  the AFS creates new quality standards.


AFS hits the mark!

Compared with usual methods, AFS always hits the hole accurate to a tenth of a millimetre.

Each AFS Frame is tested several times. The same design is repeatedly embroidered on the same PreFrame foil without using a thread. The result: a regular trace of stitched holes which shows that the design is accurately positioned by AFS.

This is what makes the pre-production of name patches possible.